Good Communication


We think that good communication is really important because it helps people to:

Have choices
Make friends
Tell people when things are wrong
Be included and speak up for themselves



Communication Network


There is a Communication Network for people with learning disabilities for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.



Communication Plan


The Communication Plan tells us how to work together to make communication better

To find out more about the Communication Network please see the Information Sheet about the Communication Network


5 Good Standards

To help us make communication better we have 5 Good Communication Standards.  These standards tell us the best ways to make communication better.




2.  Easy Read 5 Good Communication Standards

3.  Full version 5 Good Communication Standards

4.  Summary of 5 Good Communication Standards


Here is some of the work we are doing.  Click here for an Easy Read Overview of Communication Network

Easy Write

 1.  Easy Write – making written information easier to understand

Click here for the Easy write Guidelines.

Click here for the Easy Word Dictionary.


2.  Communication Passports

Communication Passport leaflet coming soon

Examples of Communication Passports coming soon


3.  Learning and Training

Easy Write Training 2015

4.  Newsletters

                         Easy Read Comms Network Leaflet

Useful Resources

                                       Useful websites and links

                                        – Easy Health

                                        – Easy Read Contraceptive Injection Information

                                       –  United Response Easy News