Learning Disability Acute Liaison Nursing Team






Who are we?  We visit people with learning disabilities when they come into hospital. If you have a problem with your hospital appointment, you can talk to us about it.  Click here for our Acute Liaison leaflet 2018


telephoneMarianne Duffy / Lyndsey Heald
Ivydene Cottage
Glenfield Hospital

Telephone: 0116 250 2809
Email: learningdisabilities@uhl-tr.nhs.uk




These are the forms we need you to have when you come into hospital. They help hospital staff understand who you are and what you need. They can be filled in by you or your carer / supporter. If you need help with any of these forms, you can talk to us about it.



Emergency Grab Sheet ImageThe Emergency Grab Sheet is the form you need to bring with you if you come into hospital by ambulance or into the Emergency Department.



know-me-patient-profileTraffic light hospital booklet has been changed to the Know Me Better Patient Profile.  This is the booklet that is used by the University Hospitals of Leicester.  It gives hospital staff important information about you. You need to bring it with you when you get admitted to a ward in the hospital.  Or you can ask the ward staff to fill one in whilst you are in hospital.
Click here for a copy of the know me better patient profile booklet.




The Disability Distress Assessment Tool (DisDAT) is a form for staff to understand when you are happy or when you not happy or when you are in pain. This can be filled in by staff.  Click here to see a copy of the form.