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Please note: There is a charge for accessing these cookery courses

Eileen is a cookery tutor and author of the Just Look and Cook series. 

Eileen realises that there are a lot of children and people with additional needs who are unable, due to Covid, to attend workshops or onsite cookery classes. So she used her prior experience in working with these clients to make some professional pre-recorded courses which can be followed with assistance from family or carers online in their own home.

Eileen would like to introduce you to her new online cookery courses aimed at beginner cooks and people with additional needs and/or literacy difficulties. 


The lessons vary in length and difficulty with a short easy one at the beginning, to allow the participants start the course gently. 

Each course can be purchased for €35 per person or both courses for €60 and a link to one lesson will be provided each week for 6 weeks.

Eileen would appreciate if you would share this course info with colleagues both internally in your organisation and on social media as she is a one-woman band and do not have access to contact info to organisations.

Please feel free to contact Eileen on 087 2708 627 or info@eileenskitchentable.ie